How To Create An App Without Coding For Free?

How To Create An App Without Coding For Free?

How To Create Mobile Applications?

Currently, creating mobile applications has become a recurring theme for Freelancers, Start-Ups, and SMBs. The added value of creating mobile applications for any business is no longer achievable by web pages. Although many argue that creating applications for mobile does not benefit all types of business, I, personally, consider that if the company defines well the objectives you want to achieve with this tool and works on a good design and it’s ASO (App Stores Search Optimization), this will undoubtedly benefit the business. But hey, this is the subject of another article. Today i will write about: how to create an app without coding?

While there are two different ways to create an App without Coding skills, it is important not to lose sight of its pros and cons.

The first of these options is through programming. By this I mean the implementation of technical knowledge and language codes. Programming an application from scratch with the necessary knowledge can be a difficult task but impossible. However, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and tools, it will undoubtedly become the worst nightmare of your life.

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How To Create Android Apps Without Coding?

In the case that you want to create Android applications, then you should know how to program in Java and XML. On the internet, you can find countless materials and tutorials to learn, although you have to consider that most of them are in English. Since you have enough Java knowledge, then it’s time to download the Android Studio program. This tool will become your ally during the next months. From this moment is where you will have to put into practice all those previously learned knowledge.

Create An IOS App Without Coding

Now, if you want to create iOS applications with Free Android App Maker, first of all, it is preferable that you have a Mac. Although it is possible to develop iOS applications with other systems, it will always be much more comfortable to use a tool with the same line of work. In addition, to publish your App in the App Store you will have no other option than doing it from a Mac. You must also have previous knowledge of the Objective-C or Swift language. In case you do not have this prior knowledge, the experts consider that you should start with Swift since it is the most modern language for this system. Once you’re ready, then it’s time to download Xcode, Apple’s development platform. As Android Studio was to create Android applications, the Xcode will be your ally to create iOS applications.

The second option is through an online application creator. We could divide this option in two, one of the creators of Apps with which you still need previous knowledge of programming and the other for the creators that we can define as modular. In the case of modular creators, these do not need previous technical knowledge or programming and are really very intuitive and easy-to-use platforms. You will simply have to add modules and place the information that each module needs. In most of these platforms, you will have a simulator to review how the design of your App is going. The best thing about these platforms is that most of them offer you a free month to test the platform and some of their products.

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But hey, assure you want to know what are the pros and cons of these two options, and then I leave this comparative table.

Create Mobile Apps With Programming Skills


Online Application Creator

Create An App Without Coding

So? In general, it is not easy to conclude if one option is better than the other. In the end, everything will depend on a budget of each company, the time you want to invest in the creation and the objectives you seek to obtain from your application. But, if you are a small and medium business and want to create an app, definitely an online application creator will be your best option.

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